Solar Industry News

Do solar panels need to be cleaned?

Two main things to check periodically are accumulation of leaves under the panels, and soiling on the front glass. A buildup of leaves inhibits airflow under the panels, resulting in a higher operating temperature which reduces system efficiency. In the wet season, masses of leaves hold moisture against the roof which, over time, can compromise […]

The 30% Federal Tax Credit – The Real Story

The Residential Energy Credit is available to all homeowners and may be claimed by filing IRS form 5695, which allows you to claim a federal income tax deduction of 30% of qualified solar electric property costs.

Solar Energy Benefits: Cash in Your Pocket

Reducing your carbon footprint and lowering monthly electric bills are both powerful motivators. Factor in a 30 percent federal solar tax credit, and it all adds up to substantial cash back in your pocket.

CCA’s Big Day

Santa Cruz took a step toward cheaper more renewable energy this week when the county was one of three behind the Central Coast to benefit from a grant to study Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). 80% of the Marin residence prefer the local county-owned CCA which offers low rates and electricity from sustainable sources, over PG&E.