CCA’s Big Day

CCA’s Big Day

GOOD TIMES, June 11 edition on page 4 under the Good Work section:

Santa Cruz took a step toward cheaper more renewable energy this week when the county was one of three behind the Central Coast to benefit from a grant to study Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). 80% of the Marin residence prefer the local county-owned CCA which offers low rates and electricity from sustainable sources, over PG&E.

Background information

Established by State law AB 117 in 2002 , Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows cities and counties to pool their residential, business and municipal electricity loads, and to purchase power (and/or generate it) on their behalf. Profit from energy sales that would normally flow to PG&E would stay in the community to help fund renewable energy projects, create jobs, and stimulate the local economy.

The CCA would replace PG&E as the primary power provider on the Central Coast. Currently all 18 cities in the Tri-County Monterey Bay region support the next step for a CCA, which is a technical feasibility study.

excerpt from Good Times article, “PG&E is, of course, less than excited about the multiple studies into CCA that have sprouted across California—not to mention the five other states that have passed legislation legalizing CCA—because CCA detracts from their core functioning as a generator, and brings them in solely as a partner for distribution—or transmission—purposes.”

Day One Solar principals are the donation decision makers for the Holland Sustainability Project Trust, a Gold Sponsor helping to fund the Central Coast grant proposal mentioned above.

Our position

Day One is a strong believer and supporter of bringing a CCA to Santa Cruz County.  We support clean energy and community choice.

Current Status

AB 2145, an attempt to change the CCA to an opt-in status, has failed to pass the CA state legislature, a major victory for all future CCA efforts in California.

To learn more about CCA

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06/05/2014 Santa Cruz Sentinel article: State grant to fund Central Coast power study.

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