Commercial Solar Systems – Installations

A Commercial Solar System will add value to your property!

With solar photovoltaic panels (PV panels), your commercial property or office building will become that much more valuable:

  • Economic benefit – Reduce or eliminate current utility bills and add value to your property
  • Environmental benefit – Reduce your building’s carbon footprint
  • Public Relations benefit – Generate goodwill by promoting renewable, sustainable and clean energy
  • Competitive benefit – Give your business a marketing edge as economic and environmental benefits can be passed on to tenants

As a leading commercial solar company, we’ll walk you through every step from determining feasibility to final solar panel installation for your commercial building. We visit with you at your site to establish the best possible solar design by evaluating the following:

  • The location and orientation of your building to identify a south facing roof or other site available for installation.
  • Potential issues with age, pitch or type of roofing (slate, tile, metal, wood shingle)
  • Potential issues with shading. We’ll do a preliminary Google Earth analysis before we meet.
  • Location of breaker panel, main utility tap, etc.
  • The monthly usage of your building based on a recent utility bill.

If you own commercial property and your electric bills are getting outrageous,  you should consider a Day One Commercial Solar Installation. For many businesses, energy bills can be a substantial obstacle to profitability; Solar is your solution. With attractive financing options along with tax incentives, it’s never made better sense.

Common Sense Energy, from Day One.