Electric Vehicle Charging Cost: Save on Electricity with Solar

If you have an electric vehicle or think that there may be one in your future, then you should consider the cost to charge electric cars, how it will impact your annual energy usage, as well as how that might affect your decision process when it comes to a PV Solar system design.

The emergence of newer technology electric vehicles like Tesla has raised the consciousness of the public as to the viability of replacing your gasoline powered vehicle with an all-electric one.  Although there are significant differences in range, features and pricing between the three mainstream electric vehicles on the market today (Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S), they all have one characteristic in common: each gets between 2.7 and 3 miles per kWh. So divide the miles you normally drive per year by that number, add 25% for charging inefficiency, and you have the number of additional kWhs needed to power your electric vehicle.

For example, If you drive the average of 12,000 miles per year, and your new Tesla gets 2.8 miles per kWh,  you will need an additional 5,357 kWhs per year, or 14.7 kWhrs per day, to power your electric vehicle.

So how much does that cost? Can we assume that we will only charge the car at night when rates are only $0.08 per kWhr? Well, that assumption about the rates is probably incorrect.

The average household uses about 20 kWhrs per day of electricity, so you will be increasing your usage by about 75%, which will likely put you into the 300% or more of baseline usage, in which the lowest rate is $0.33 per kWhr, and the highest rate is $0.54 per kWhr!

Here’s the bottom line: without solar, that electric vehicle will cost you an extra $1,800-$2,900 per year in utility bills!

So when you think electric vehicle, think solar! Day One Solar will assess your electric vehicle energy requirements and factor that into the design of your solar system. In addition, Day One Solar  will design and install the electrical service required for your electric car charging station.

Smarter Energy, from Day One.