Greywater Santa Cruz

Greywater Santa Cruz

Greywater laws have already changed in Arizona and other desert states to be progressive.  California seems close to achieving sensible policy as well.  Whether in response to logic or an emergency, there is expected to be a sharp increased demand in greywater solutions.  There are also groups such as Food Not Lawns popping up that are encouraging the smart use of water to grow food at a grassroots level.

Day1 is fulfilling this growing niche in a strategic way with aesthetic, solar and edible designs irrigated from greywater sources, roof runoff, and other creative systems.  We offer simple Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater systems that do not require a permit to install.  There are local and state rebates available to offset your costs, such as the City of Santa Cruz $0.50/sq.ft. of irrigated lawn removal for up to $500 for a single family dwelling.

Visit our Santa Cruz Greywater page here, or click here for the contact form to request a consultation!

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