Solar Thermal Power

Solar thermal power  is a completely different method of using the sun’s energy compared to photovoltaic solar. These devices make use of solar radiant energy to produce heat and even cooling. Solar thermal installation has evolved to the point that it is convenient and compatible to install along with photovoltaic solar installation.

  • Solar Thermal Collection: Using flat-plate or concentrating collectors, solar radiation is used to heat water for use in your home, pool or hot tub. This saves money on your other major utility cost – natural gas (or propane). Solar collector panels are similar in size to solar electric panels.
  • Solar Thermal Cooling uses solar thermal collectors and the resultant heat energy to power a refrigeration cycle. The heat energy is used to compress a gas, which when expanded in another part of the system, cools a set of coils. Air blown over the coils is used to air-condition the building.
  • Solar Thermal Building Heating technology uses solar thermal collectors to heat water which is pumped through radiant tubing throughout your building’s floors or ceilings.

The typical cost of a solar thermal system is in the price range of $4000 to $6000. Also, these systems currently qualify for the federal tax credit of 30% of the installation price. If you think your home or business can benefit from these technologies, contact us.  As a solar thermal company, we install both systems and can walk you through your options.