Palace Business Solutions in Santa Cruz – Now Solar Powered

Palace Business Solutions in Santa Cruz – Now Solar Powered

Palace Business Solutions installs solar roofing to corporate office and warehouse

SANTA CRUZ, CA – Palace Business Solutions has installed a 31.5 kW rooftop solar photovoltaic system on their corporate offices and warehouse. The system, designed and installed by Day One Solar of Santa Cruz, will generate an estimated 43,250 kWhs of electricity annually.

“Not only does this make good sense from a financial perspective, but is in line with our commitment to the environment as well.” said Palace President Roy Trowbridge.

“As a certified green business, we are dedicated to offering eco-friendly products and recycling programs to our customers. Powering our business operations with clean, renewable solar energy was a perfect fit.” added Palace V.P. of Sales Gary Trowbridge.

“Palace’s commitment to their community and the environment should stand as an example to other businesses that an investment in renewable and clean solar energy makes good financial sense” said Day One Solar CEO Jim Weisenstein. “Palace Business Solutions has taken a leadership role in their move to sustainable energy for their business operations. All of us at Day One Solar are proud to have served them in this regard”.

About Palace Business Solutions

The Palace family of companies has been serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara counties for over 50 years, and is the central coast’s largest independent dealer of office products, art supplies and office furniture. To learn more about Palace and their efforts to thrive as a green, sustainable business, visit:

About Day One Solar

Day One Solar Inc., located at 101 Cooper Street in Santa Cruz, is a locally owned and operated solar energy company. Founders Tony Armor and Jim Weisenstein have lived and worked in the Santa Cruz Community for decades, and are committed to serving the solar energy needs of the Santa Cruz region. Their exceptionally responsive and personalized service offers customized commercial and residential energy installations; a service built upon customer trust.

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