About Day One Solar

Day One Solar, Inc. is a Solar Energy Systems Company that was founded on the belief that providing clean, renewable energy to homes and businesses in Northern California is crucial to our energy future, and the future of our planet. Solar Electric Energy systems have never been so efficient, or so affordable.

Day One Solar will work with you to determine the photovoltaic solar system most appropriate to reduce or eliminate those persistently high monthly electric bills. We are refreshingly responsive to your request for solar: we personally visit you at your site , design the optimum system and quote you a competitive price within a few days of your first contact with us. We then install the system within a few weeks of your initial payment. You truly get Solar Energy Now.

Solar Energy is not only clean and plentiful; it also costs less per watt than what you are currently paying your utility company for power from the grid. Solar panel prices have dropped by more than 60% in the last 5 years, making a Santa Cruz solar installation more affordable than ever. The average price of a Solar installation in Santa Cruz County was just over $4.30 per watt in 2015, and you will find that our pricing is even more competitive in 2016.  With the cost of electricity from your utility going up by 7% this year, there has never been a better time than now to Get Solar. Think about it; with all the news about dwindling energy reserves and global climate change, the solution has been here all along.

Join us at Day One Solar, and together we will change the way we power our homes, our businesses, our planet.

Energy by the Sun, from Day One.