Residential Solar

If you are a residential homeowner frustrated with the rising cost of electricity, it may be time to consider a home solar energy system.

At 93 million miles from the Earth’s surface, power from the Sun takes only 8 minutes to reach your home. Every day, we are warmed by this inexhaustible source of light and power. Our thought process: rather than relying on power plants and continuing down the same path, let’s tap into the power of the sun for renewable, clean energy.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill with Solar Power

Residential Solar Energy Systems have been around for a while: in the 1960s, solar cells were handmade and cost about $1,000/watt. Oil shortages in the 1970s sparked interest in Solar Systems for homes and businesses, but the cost per watt was still out of reach for many people. Today, with technological advances and a highly competitive manufacturing market, Solar PV systems cost significantly less than what you are paying for utility. At approximately $5 per watt for your own “power plant”, there has never been a better time to add value to your home by going solar.

At Day One Solar, we use only high-efficiency and high-quality solar modules and inverters, giving you the most energy production per square foot of roof.

We also offer system monitoring, so you can keep tabs on the Sun’s daily production of clean power generation for your home.

Day One Solar is a Licensed General Contractor, so before you decide that your home isn’t “Solar Friendly”, contact us for a free Solar Site Analysis. With over 32 years in the construction industry, we can address any concerns you may have about your home and its potential for solar. Just click on the GET SOLAR NOW tab and complete the simple form with your annual electrical usage and costs. We’ll do the rest.

Energy by the Sun, from Day One.