Annual Energy Usage

Every homeowner wants to reduce their electricity bill, and here at Day One Solar, we can help with a home solar energy system custom built for your house. We factor in your home’s size, roof type and sun orientation, and most importantly, we calculate your annual energy usage in kilowatt hours. Our free solar analysis allows us to design an installation that’s sized to your residence and generates optimum home-based solar energy for your investment.

Power for Your Future

Here at Day One Solar, we’re committed to building systems that reduce your carbon footprint and offer you control over skyrocketing utility costs. Our installations are NABCEP certified, and we only work with high-efficiency PV solar panels. Your home’s energy system will last for years with very little maintenance. If you sell the house in the future, you’ll find that its solar energy system increases your home’s market value. Give us a call today, or request an estimate, and we’ll set up an appointment for your free home solar analysis.

Smarter Energy, from Day One.