Solar Financing Options

So, we know that Solar Power is the cleanest, most abundant source of Energy for our homes and businesses. We have also learned that the cost of solar energy is actually less than the cost of power from the grid. So why is it that only about 3% of rooftops in California have PV solar installed? It turns out that solar financing is one of the biggest challenges to overcome before finalizing the decision to go solar.

First, it is important to look at a Day One Solar Energy System as more than a reliable source of energy, but as a smart investment with many benefits beyond the money you’ll save each year on your utility bill.  Second, it is important to understand the long term pros and cons of each available payment option.


1. Up Front Cash Payment: The best option, but not an available option to many;

2. PACE: The property-assessed clean energy (PACE) model is an innovative mechanism for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on private property, which are paid back over time by the property owners.

3. Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) or Credit Union Loan: Typically the lowest interest rate, but requires more paperwork and a good credit score, which PACE does not.


Make an informed choice; if the other guys are making promises that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Let us help with your financing decision. As you review each option,  you can do so knowing that with Day One Solar, you’ll get the facts without the gimmicks.

Smarter Energy, from Day One.