Solar Panel Installation Process

At Day One Solar, we lead you through a step-by-step solar panel installation process starting with determining feasibility, and ending with the final installation of your solar panel system.  Here’s how it will work:

1.  Fact Finding: We ask for information about your site, either by email or by phone:

  • Your address – using Google earth, we determine the orientation of your roof surfaces (South facing is best), roof pitch (18 degrees is optimal) and roof type (shingle, tile, metal, etc.)
  • The age of your roof – we want to be sure your solar system has a stable and long lasting foundation
  • Your average monthly electricity usage in kWhrs – if you can’t find it don’t worry – we will help.

2.  Preliminary Site Analysis: We give you a range for system sizing and pricing for your proposed system.

3.  On-site Survey: We visit you at your site and validate assumptions about panel placement, usage, roof condition, location of electric service, shading, and the tradeoff of system size/price vs. your net usage goal.

4.  Formal Proposal: We deliver a written proposal that includes our committed system design and pricing, return on investment calculations, payback period, assistance with financing options if requested, and data sheets on all components of the system.

5.  Construction: Once the proposal is accepted, we place purchase orders with vendors, submit plans for permitting and assist with filing of all required paperwork. When materials arrive, we schedule and execute the solar panel installation, inspections and final commissioning.

Click the button below for a free Solar Site Analysis.  We will get back to you within 48 hrs.  When you see how simple and affordable solar energy has become, you’ll be ready to join the solar revolution and say goodbye to soaring utility bills.

Clean Energy, from Day One.