Rainwater Catchment Facts & FAQs

Q: How much water can I claim from my rooftop?

A:  In general, 1,000 sq/ft of impervious roof surface will create 600 gallons of water run-off per 1″ of rainfall.


Q:  Why should I catch rainwater and store it?

A:  Rainwater catchment and storage is an essential part of drought resilience and whole systems ecological design.  We store water when it falls so that we may use it to water plants during dry-spells rather than use water from the municipal system for irrigation.


Q:  Can leaves, bugs and/or pests get into my catchment tank?

A:  No!  Some tanks are not designed well and will get clogged up with rooftop detritus that comes down with the rain.  Some may also allow for mosquitoes and other pests to enter/exit the water as they see fit.  We design catchment tanks to filter out leaves before entering the tank, and also to prevent pests from entering the water at all times.

Smart Rainwater Catchment Services, from Day One.