Rainwater Catchment Community

Rainwater Harvesting

Brad Lancaster from Rainwater Harvesting is a true greywater leader who has written a two-volume textbook series entitled “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond”  Daniel from Day One Solar has taught alongside Brad Lancaster at Quail Springs Permaculture Research Institute during the Sustainable Vocations for Youth course in the summer of ’12.

Central Coast Greywater Alliance

This alliance is dedicated to greywater on the California Central Coast.  They feature a “1,000 Greywater System Challenge” regional map that we plan to be a part of shortly.  They also offer information on rebates and materials for greywater.

Ecology Action

Ecology Action is an organization that works alongside state and county municipalities to deliver home efficiency and other ecological services.  They have multiple water based services and programs, including the Monterey Bay Friendly Lanscape program.  The goal of this program is to, “encourage behavior changes that lessen the impact of conventional landscape practices.”

Oasis Design

Art Ludwig of Oasis Design is a highly qualified greywater practitioner with an extensive website that provides lots of very useful information.  Their page called “Greywater Central” has information on state policy, design, common mistakes, safety and more.  Daniel at Day One Solar has worked with Art, who was teaching alongside Brad Lancaster at Quail Springs in the summer of ’12.

Mountain Feed & Farm Supply

A local company that offers equipment for bee keeping, rainwater catchment, greywater systems, aquaponics and more.


Smart Rainwater Catchment Services, from Day One.