Residential Solar Systems – Maintenance Tips

May 26, 2019  |  Residential Solar, Solar Energy, Solar Maintenance

Solar panels are made of a very durable materials with no moving parts and are installed using aluminum clamps and stainless-steel bolts, so there is not much can go wrong with your residential solar installation. Any issues with solar panel performance are usually related to inverter functions which can be detected by monitoring the changes in your system’s production, which allows you to identify and address the problems proactively. However, if you want to keep your photovoltaic system operating at peak efficiency, the cleaning and maintenance of your solar power system is an unavoidable certainty (as it is the case with most household equipment and appliances). The good news is, for most residential systems cleaning is only necessary every 1-2 years.

Solar panels that get proper solar panel maintenance can last 25+ years. Follow our solar maintenance tips to ensure that your solar power system delivers at the greatest possible capacity for many years to come.

Residential Solar Systems – Maintenance Tips

  • As part of regular maintenance, inspect your solar system and check for loose connections, mounting equipment or panels.
  • A buildup of leaves inhibits airflow under the panels, resulting in a higher operating temperature which reduces system efficiency. In the wet season, masses of leaves hold moisture against the roof which, over time, can compromise roof integrity.
  • Solar panel front glass gets dirty primarily from wind-blown dust, pollen, other organic elements such as bird waste, and from nearby agriculture/construction sites. A light film of dust and dirt may only cause a 5% output decline, while heavier buildup can cause up to 20% decline. A good rainstorm will usually wash away most of the accumulated soiling, but with the start of summer and the rain over, now is a good time to clean your panels. Gently wash the solar panels during the coolest time of day until clean, and don’t apply too much water pressure or you may damage them. Early morning can be a particularly good time for cleaning, as dew will likely have softened the dirt on the panels, and you’ll need to use less water and less energy to clean your solar panels.
  • Keep your batteries in an environment that is moderate and consistent in temperature – ideally, between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent the corrosion of the battery terminals, keep them clean by applying petroleum jelly or commercial sealant. Additionally, charge your batteries fully once every month, in order to equalize all the batteries in your bank and stop weaker batteries from getting any worse.
  • Twice a year, use a multimeter to check what your solar system is outputting, just to make sure it hasn't drastically dropped from the previous year. If it has, you can then troubleshoot, identify the problem and correct it.

DIY Note:  Access your rooftop to maintain your panels only if you have the appropriate safety equipment and training. Otherwise, hire a qualified professional.

Day One Solar Home Solar Maintenance & Repair

We take a proactive role in maintenance of residential solar power systems through inspections, performance reporting, remote monitoring, and customer training.

Here is the full list of repair and maintenance services we offer:

  • Solar PV System Inspection & Monitoring
  • Solar PV System Repair (Roof or Ground)
  • Inverter Repair & Replacement
  • Module Repair & Replacement
  • Microinverter Repair & Replacement
  • Optimizer Repair & Replacement
  • eGauge Installation & Monitoring
  • EV Charger installation
  • Battery Storage Installation
  • System Inspection for Home Appraisal & Resale
  • System Removal & Replacement for Reroofing or Repairs
  • Deinstallation/Reinstallation (DeRe)
  • Warranty Claims & System Upgrades
  • Mounting Equipment Check & Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Bird Screening & Animal Guard Installation

We believe solar is a better way to power our lives, and ongoing care is essential for PV systems. Let Day One Solar be your trusted partner in helping you protect your solar investment, avoid costly repairs, and keep your solar system operating at its peak capacity.

You can call 831-427-8270 – our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.