Here’s what our in-house experts have to say about some common misconceptions about the technicalities and current specifics of going solar.

“There are too many trees shading my roof.”

While it is true that many homes and businesses have limited access to sunlight due to trees or other obstructions, this does not have to be a “deal breaker”. Using a “SunEye” device created specifically for the solar industry, we can determine the extent of the shading and its potential impact on solar energy production. With this information, we can suggest a strategy for selective pruning and canopy lowering that can significantly increase the amount of sun reaching your roof every day.

Ben Valentine, VP Project Development

“I can’t have solar because I have a tile/wood shake roof.”

Tile or shake roofs have never been a problem for Day One Solar. Our 35 years in the building industry makes us uniquely qualified to install solar on any roof, as long as it is allowed by the building code.

Tony Armor, President/CEO

“I don’t use enough electricity and my bill is too low.”

Small systems for low energy users still make sense, with a slightly longer payback period than larger systems, plus all of the environmental benefits you just can’t get using electricity from the grid. Also, if you are considering an electric vehicle or switching from gas appliances to electric, we can estimate the added energy use and design a system with your future goals in mind.

Matt Thompson, VP Project Management

“I can’t afford it and am waiting for the cost of a system to come down.”

The cost of solar has never been lower (in spite of the tariffs!), and the 30% federal tax credit drops to 26% at the end of 2019. So as you can see, the time is now to make the switch to clean, renewable solar energy.

Ben Valentine, VP Project Development

“I’m thinking of selling my house and moving to another area.”

By recent estimates, installing a solar PV system can add $4.00 per watt to the value of your home, while making it much more appealing to prospective buyers. And if you install this year, you can keep the 30% federal tax credit for yourself!

Tony Armor, President/CEO

The best opportunity to go solar is now!
The investment in a solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system for your home or business will yield the highest dividends financially, as well as environmentally.

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